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In 2015 I decided to combine what I was good at with what I loved and created Labelmybud as a way to simply help my friends label their bud. I had found out the industry I was currently a 3rd generation in was pretty horrible at giving anyone in the cannabis community decent service, so I wanted to change that. At the time not a lot of printers wanted to associate with cannabis, and the ones that did (minus a few) didn't seem to want anything to do with the culture I had been so immersed in for the last 15 years. I created a cannabis specific print company that would take care of the unique needs that this ever changing world comes up with and at a speed, quality and price my friends deserved. This journey has allowed me the chance to get to work with some truly amazing people and create and print some absolutely epic things. Call or e-mail and our team will treat you like you should be treated.

We cannot wait to bring you on this journey with us.


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